Stories related to missing data:

What is Missing Is Still There (2018)
Text from Nichons-Nous Dans L'Internet

"And as the list grows, I have increasingly been struck by the sybolic questions these shadow questions raise. Their existence is assured: as long as we classify things and sort the world according to these classifications, there will always be missing datasets. There will always be bits that ooze out beneath spreadsheet cells, things that cannot be contained, or that should not. Making sense of the world through exclusion implies a certain simplicity, and missing datasets, by virtue of their existence and nonexistence, challenge that simplicity."

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Broadway won’t document its dramatic race problem, so a group of actors spent five years quietly gathering this data themselves (2016)
Text from Quartz

"Broadway is a billion-dollar juggernaut. The 2015-16 season saw 13.32 million tickets sold, 220,000 more than the year before. In the last five years, shows grossed more than $6 billion. It’s not surprising that the industry’s national trade organization, The Broadway League, keeps a meticulous accounting of seats, ticket sales and cast lists, all of which are updated weekly at the Internet Broadway Database.

But the reason it doesn’t collect demographic data about its performers, according to a representative at the Broadway League, is because it relies on “self-identification of ethnicity and therefore don’t have accurate data.” That hasn’t prevented the League, however, from collecting the same type of demographic information about its audiences."


Original Github Research Repo (2015)

"Just because some type of data doesn't exist doesn't mean it's missing, and the idea of missing data sets is inextricably tied to a more expansive climate of inevitable and routine data collection."

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