Classification.01 (2017)

To classify is human, and increasingly classification is algorithmic. We are grouped and sorted by models, computers, and algorithms. These algorithmic classifications are more likely to be perceived as true than human sortings, regardless of how arbitrary they are. And things that have been perceived as true have real and true consequences.

Classification.01 is a sculpture that consists of two neon brackets. When more than one viewer approaches to look at the piece, the brackets use a nearby camera to decide whether or the two viewers have been classifed as "similar", according to a variety of algorithmic measures. The brackets only light up if the terms of classification have been met.

The brackets do not share the code and the rationale behind the reason for the classification of the viewers. Just as with many of our technological systems, the viewers are left to determine on their own why they have been grouped, a lingering reminder no matter how much our machines classify, ultimately classification is also a human process.

completed as part of Studio XX art residency