Pinterest meets CCTV Surveillance

I feel like one day I woke up and was on Pinterest. I didn't remember signing up for it, I barely knew what the site was for, but all of a sudden I was regularly seeing cheery emails in my inbox proclaiming "X person started following you on Pinterest" and "Happy Pinning!" Pro tip: ignoring them will not make those emails go away.

Today, though, all those Pinterest emails are no longer for naught. Since I moved to the UK I've been fascinated by the fact that the city has over 7000 CCTV surveillance cameras. I even wrote a post about it over at National Geographic.

But even more captivating to me than the cameras themselves are the signs alerting the public to their presence. Some of the signs are curt and straightforward in tone, others lighthearted, still more apologetically explanatory.

But I shouldn't just have to explain it to you--you should get the chance to see them for yourself. So I created a Pinterest board where I'll be uploading the photos that I take of CCTV signs. Up until this point I've been haphazard in my dedication to documenting them, but starting from now I'll be religious in taking a photo of every one of these signs that I see, and then uploading those pictures to the board.

(So, yes, this is a post letting you know about the pictures I'm taking of the signs that let us know about the pictures that the British state is taking of us. Got that straight?)

Check out the board here.