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The Real You, [Un]Filtered

On Monday 13 October, at 6am EST— likely by the time that most of you will be reading this— my first post for National Geographic will be live (and I'll forgive you if you leave now to go check it out). The post serves as an introduction to me and to the project I’m working on this year, but it’s more subtle purpose is to hook people by convincing them that what I’m doing is interesting and important (which it is, by the way, in case you still need convincing). 

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The Mainstream Treatment of Digital Art

As of about a week and a half ago, I unceremoniously picked up my life in New York and dumped it into London. I had initially planned to move to London a solid two weeks later, but there were some definite perks achieved by coming in earlier. One of those perks is that I managed to make it to London just in time for the closing weekend of the Barbican Centre’s Digital Revolution Show.  The show, as has been well-documented, was meant to be a “celebration of art made with code.” I attended on literally the final day, at the last time slot that was available (in my defense, I’m Nigerian; we don’t believe in showing up to anything early)

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