There once was a fifteen-year-old girl named MC. MC lived in Texas, but her ancestors came from a small village in southern Nigeria. MC's ancestors all had personal gods that guided, protected, and strengthened them, and because of this heritage, MC was different. She had a special power and a unique ability that could change the world....Or so she thought.


 CONCEPT: TLIU is a multi-platform narrative that to date spans a mobile app, short story, and website. 

The Lost Ideas Universe tells the story of three teenagers--Alex, MC, and Anna--and their discoveries about themselves and their relationships with one another as  played out against the background of transnational lives lived in a rapidly changing present-day America. 

Each of the characters tells his or her story through a unique media. Though each element of the universe is a self-contained experience, the story is enhanced and best explored through the convergence of its multiple pieces. 

STATUS: After prototyping and pitching TLIU for my master's thesis, I've taken all of the pieces of it down and entered into a new stage of development with it. Parts of it should be available for user consumption soon.