A curated selection of work. For more, see my project portfolio page.

Projects + Pieces

Missing Data Sets - Series of investigations into spaces where data omit to live Pulse - performance piece; broadcasting realtime heartbeat data to a room of over 300 people
Pathways - Data storytelling project presenting a month's worth of real mobile data collected from Londoners
[completed for National Geographic + Fulbright]
We Are Searching For - Aggregation of browser search keywords collected from entries on public computers
Here to Home - Investigation into the ways that people conceptualize space and maps
Pyramids - Using sound to suggest (coerce?) connection within shared space
*69 - Data collection as a means of reclaiming agency after street harrassment
Search Term Poetry - Twitter bot that strings together words from the search history of friends


"Where We Live and How We Die" - How We Get To Next
"Guide To Crowdsourcing" - Columbia University's Tow Center for Digital Journalism [co-authored with Jeanne Pinder and Jan Schaffer ]
"The Point of Collection" - Points, Data & Society
"I Tried, and Failed, to Find Out Where My Electricity Comes From" - How We Get To Next
"In Pursuit of Data" - Connected Life, Oxford University
"You Are Not Your Data" - National Geographic Voices
"It Matters Most To You: On Digital Literacy and Data Production" - National Geographic Voices
"What Maps Really Show" - National Geographic Voices
Data and its Dissidents - National Geographic Voices

Teaching + Talks

"Tech-Driven Activism" - panel, Eyeo 2016
"Data Storytelling"" - keynote panel, Facets Conference 2016
"Human Rights and the Normative Dimensions of Predictive Policing"- panel, NYU's Tyranny of the Algorithm Conference
"Everything is Physical: The Art of Digital Mapping" - class at NYU ITP
"Data As a Process" - Machine Eatable talk
"The Art of Small Data" - talk, Datapoint Conference
"Python and Data" - workshop, Royal College of Art
"Data Made Personal" - workshop/talk, Oslo School of Architecture