Below is a curated selection of work. For more, see my project portfolio page.

Art + Research

Missing Datasets - ongoing project into the spaces where data omit to live (see more here)
Small Format Studio - playful printed interventions for exploring data
Inform/Transform - zine about the ways in which data can be controlled, shaped, transformed
Pulse - performance piece broadcasting realtime heartbeat data to a room of over 300 people
Pathways - data storytelling project presenting a month's worth of real mobile data collected from Londoners
We Are Searching For - aggregation of browser search keywords collected from entries on public computers
Here to Home - investigation into the ways that people conceptualize space and maps
Pyramids - using sound to suggest (coerce?) connection within shared space
*69 - data collection as a means of reclaiming agency after street harrassment
Search Term Poetry- twitter bot that strings together words from the search history of friends


Side-by-side images expose a glitch in Google’s maps (Quartz)
You probably are not fully removing your private photos and data before selling your old technology (Quartz)
Machine learning is being used to uncover the mass graves of Mexico’s missing (Quartz)
Broadway won’t document its dramatic race problem, so a group of actors spent five years quietly gathering this data themselves (Quartz)
What it truly takes to delete data (FiveThirtyEight)
Where We Live and How We Die (How We Get To Next)
Guide To Crowdsourcing (Columbia University's Tow Center for Digital Journalism)
The Point of Collection (Points, Data & Society)
I Tried, and Failed, to Find Out Where My Electricity Comes From(How We Get To Next)
You Are Not Your Data (National Geographic Voices)
It Matters Most To You: On Digital Literacy and Data Production (National Geographic Voices)
What Maps Really Show (National Geographic Voices)
Data and its Dissidents (National Geographic Voices)